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Mares Puck Pro Dive Computer

1155,00 RM

Mares PUCK Pro - Colour

Like to wear your computer on your wrist the new Puck series computers are perfect for those in need of pure ease. The Puck is a full function RGBM dive computer with larger digits for easy reading and backlight on demand, single button to smoothly scroll through the menu options. Keep on your wrist or pop into one of the Puck consoles for maximum mounting options. The Puck Computer uses Mares-Wienke RGBM (Reduced Gradient Bubbles Model) algorithm. The RGBM takes into account the phenomenon of micro-bubbles in order to prevent their formation. In over 10,000 real dives monitored by Dr. Bruce Wienke in the Los Alamos laboratories, the formation of micro-bubbles has been studied and evaluated in order to better understand the mechanism behind how micro-bubbles are formed during a dive. Today it is the most evolved algorithm for reducing the formation of micro-bubbles without compromising dive times.

  • RGBM
  • Nitrox Function
  • Special Function Mode
  • Precautionary Programs Setting
  • Plan Mode
  • Backlighting
  • Log Book
  • Permanent Backlight
  • Dive Simulator
  • Prudential Programs
  • Fresh water / seawater setting
  • Easy Access
  • Residual Nitrogen Memory Reset
  • User-Replaceable Batteries